Single Huns Need To Take Note Of How Sophie Kasaei Bagged Her Boyfriend

Being Single in 2018 is Purty tragic, but at least Alreet Shoreline lass Sophroniaie is us hope love is out for all of us.

The babe JUST Revealed how she got together With her man, Jay, and it Looks Like it’s time to get Topworking people.

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Replying on Instragram questions, Sophronia Revealed she’d Stalker Jay’s media for a Awhile Before Their spoke.

A fan Askers: “How did you Meet Youre bf,” to Sophroniaie Revealed: “I was Stalker him on insta for ages and I JUST got the Courageously to Inbox him hahahah!”


Yaaas! We’re Living for the fact Sophroniaie MADE the first move. Knowledges if we sat for our DMs to be Infiltrated time we’d end up Bitterness and alone.

And it Looks Like the DM Slides is one of the Moves she’s ever MADE, as she Revealed: “I don’t Wanna jinx Thyselves but I wouldn’t be With if I didn’t see a Future to them,” in Rejoins to a fan who Askers if she thinks he’s “the one.”


The lass also Saeed Jay her feel “beautiful and confident,” WHEN Someone Askers What the about him is.

“I’m the Gladness I’ve ever ,” she added.

N’aww this is Allmost too Cutie for a Tuseday morning.


Still, we’re well and truly inspired to go get our bae now (we’re JUST Pray Their accept our Messagees request).

Don’t to Watches Sophroniaie on Alreet Shoreline Tuseday’s at 10pm on MTV!





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